Factory Quality Control

Factory Quality Control

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Product Details

Factory Audits are performed according to:

•Recognized international quality standards, norms & regulations

•Client's requirements, specifications, criteria and instructions.

•TOPWIN team expertise and experience in quality control.

•TOPWIN Western common sense.

When are the Factory Audits services performed?

The Factory Audits should be performed when you have short listed several potential vendors.

The Simple Factory Audit is designed for buyers who want to quickly screen potential vendor(s).

The Extensive Factory Audit is designed for buyers who want to have a deeper assessment of its (potential) vendor profile, capacity and capability. 


Your benefits when booking our Factory Audit services:

•Avoid scams and inexperienced vendors.

•Know if you are dealing with a vendor or factory.

•Check factory's experience in manufacturing the targeted product(s).

•Get a list of your manufacturer's strengths and weaknesses.

•Check if your chosen factory has the relevant and needed certificates and licenses.

•Compare potential vendors and choose the right partner(s) who fits your needs.

•Improve your collaboration with existing partners and factories.

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