Vendor Audit

Vendor Audit

Inspection Services Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI) During production Inspection (DPI) Container Loading Supervision(CLS) Factory Audit (FA) Simple Factory Audit (SFA) Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex) Laboratory Testing Product Certification Sample Check Set up a global network, build an...

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Inspection Services

Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)


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Set up a global network, build an internationally well-known brand and provide impartial, quick & professional local services.

To reduce your sourcing risk and secure your imports!

TOPWIN is your trusted partner for Quality Control & Quality Assurance in Asia.

We provide manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers & importers with a complete range of shipment inspections & factory audits.

Factory Audits, Factory Assessments

1.The challenge

As the markets are being more and more competitive, retailers, importers and buyers need a healthy vendors pool and a reliable supply chain. But how to select the right vendor? How to control the improvement of your actual vendor ? How to efficiently work with your Asian supplier in order to ensure better quality day after day ? The Factory Audit Services will help you to get the relevant information you need in order to securely do business with an Asian partner and to improve your collaboration. 


2.The solution

In order to make sure that the selected factory has a real backbone to produce your type of goods and that the products will be made in good conditions, you should hire an independant and impartial quality assurance company such as TOPWIN in order to complete the right factory audit and assess the profile, capacity, know-how of your potential vendor. This due diligence should be systematically part of your quality assurance program. 

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