Characteristics of ISO9001

- Aug 24, 2018-

Independent third-party quality system certification was born in the late 1970s. It evolved from product quality certification. ISO9001 quality system certification has the following characteristics:

1. the object of certification is the supplier's quality system. The object of quality system certification is not the product or service of the enterprise, but the quality system itself. Certainly, the quality system certification will inevitably involve the products or services covered by the system. Some enterprises apply for the certification of the overall quality system, including all kinds of products or services of the enterprise, and some applications only include one or some products (or services) of the quality system certification. Although the scope of products involved is large and small, the object of certification is the supplier's quality system.

2. certification is based on quality assurance standards. Quality system certification is often carried out by suppliers in order to provide external quality assurance needs, so the certification is based on the relevant quality assurance model standards. In order to make the quality system certification meet the international practice of mutual recognition, the supplier had better choose ISO 9001:2008 standard.

3. the certification body is the third party quality system evaluation agency. In order to make the quality system certification of supplier impartial and credible, the certification must be undertaken by a third party organization which has no economic interest with the certified unit (supplier) and no administrative subordinate relationship. In addition to having experienced, well-trained personnel, qualified resources and procedures, this institution must also win the support of the government and the trust of the society through its excellent certification practices, which are authoritative and impartial.

4. the authorized identity is registration and certificate issuance. The quality system which applies for certification according to the prescribed procedure shall be registered and issued by the certification authority to the certification enterprise after the evaluation result is judged to be qualified, and shall be listed in the list of enterprises for certification of the quality system and published publicly. Enterprises authorized to certify may use the registration mark in publicity materials, exhibitions and other promotional activities, but may not use the mark directly on the product or its packaging to avoid confusion with product certification. Registration marks shall be protected by law and shall not be misused or forged.

5. certification is an independent act of an enterprise. Product quality certification can be divided into safety certification and quality certification, of which safety certification is often a compulsory certification. Quality system certification, mainly in order to improve the quality of the credibility of enterprises and expand sales, is generally voluntary, voluntary application, is an enterprise's independent behavior. However, enterprises that do not apply for certification are often subject to the pressure of distrust or trade barriers which are naturally formed in the market, forcing enterprises to strive for entry into the ranks of certification enterprises, but this is not the mandatory role of certification system or government decrees.

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