Chair Inspection Services

Chair Inspection Services

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How to check the chair

Perform a function test

Perform a static loading test*- 300 lbs during 1 hour on the center of every seat simultaneously, at least 5cm away from the edges - There should be no obvious deformities

Perform a stability test.  -For the front: The chair should not tip over when pushed with a downward force at the front edge equal to 40% of the chair’s weight. For the rear: The chair should not tip over when it is loaded with 175lbs, and pulled with a force of 25 lbs from the rear. Please take clear picture to show that the product is in the most unfavorable position on the inclined plane. Needs to be done on 1 chair per reference only (5 Pcs)

Perform a wobble test.-On a flat place - No foot of the item should lift more than 2mm.

Perform a fatigue test.- On all adjustable parts.  Do this 20 times

If the item is stuffed, check the stuffing to make sure it is dry, clean and contains no foreign objects

Test the strength of the seams by hand

Perform moisture content test –(Check the moisture content of all wooden parts. - Check 3 points per piece and take the average data: (a+b+c)/3 - The moisture content for indoor products must be within 7%-12%; for outdoor products, it must be within 8%-16%.)

Perform assembly test according the manual instruction step by step.


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