Fabric Inspection Services

Fabric Inspection Services

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How to check the fabric

Check the color, grain, touch (softness/ hardness) and material stretches as per client’s approved sample or request.

Test the tearing resistance

--Pull the material by your hand’s force and it can not tear. 

--Pull it in both ways: length way and width way.

Test the Abrasion

--Friction the material with your nail. The color and coating cannot get out and the material cannot get scratched. Other test to be made is taking the adhesive tape (scotch tape) over the material surface and the color/ coating cannot get out.

Test the Peeling

--Check if the surface finishing is not peeling off the material.

Test the Surface/ base adhesion

--Try to pull the base from the surface in a way to separate them. If you can do it, the material is NOT APPROVED. The surface and base cannot be separated.

Check the joints

--We prefer that material does not have joints. If you find any joints, they must be well stitched. In case of finding joints advise how many per roll and send a picture of them.

Please friction a white paper hardly over the fabric surface in order to check if the paper absorb the color or not, if the color pass to the paper. The color CANNOT pass to the paper surface, it means that the color must be well fixed. You also must request a color fixing test report to the supplier, signed and stamped.

Rub test:

Rub test / color fastness test for fabric: Use a white cotton cloth to rub the fabric. Rubbing shall be done 10 times on 10cm distance with  normal force 1 piece per color to be checked with both dry and wet fabric. No color transfer.

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