Garment Inspection Services

Garment Inspection Services

Our Main Service Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI) During production Inspection (DPI) Container Loading Supervision(CLS) Factory Audit (FA) Simple Factory Audit (SFA) Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex) Laboratory Testing Product Certification Sample Check

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Our Main Service

Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)


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Container Loading Supervision(CLS)blob.png

Factory Audit (FA)blob.png

Simple Factory Audit (SFA)blob.png

Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex)blob.png

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Why was TOPWIN founded?

  • TOPWIN founders left the big inspection agencies to create TOPWIN for three key reasons:

  • Many of the large inspection agencies are great at marketing but offer clients a very rigid and impersonal experience. We saw the big firms signing up new clients at an impressive rate, but we also witnessed first-hand an alarming ratio of unsatisfied clients who didn’t come back on the next order. With that in mind, TOPWIN was designed to provide a more customer-oriented experience for our clients. This personalized service applies to all TOPWIN clients, large and small.

  • Corruption and bribery of inspectors is a major problem for the big companies. As a medium-sized professional firm, TOPWIN could start from scratch to hire, train and manage inspectors to our lofty standards.

  • Perhaps most important- we felt the big companies (and many of the small ones as well) were charging too much and we could provide a better, safer service to our clients at a lower pricing point.

What makes us special?

Some Asian-based service providers try to do a little bit of everything and end up not doing any one thing particularly well. At TOPWIN, we focus exclusively on Quality Control services (audits, inspections and testing) and nothing else. This specialization allows us to ensure that our inspectors are screened, well trained and regularly monitored. Our on-line client support and project management system sets the industry benchmark. We are fully committed to ensuring Quality and Customer Satisfaction by collecting accurate information at the factory floor.

TOPWIN Inspection Limited was registered in Hong Kong with operational teams across China and sales teams are in USA, Europe and China.

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