Ipad Inspection Services

Ipad Inspection Services

Our Main Service Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI) During production Inspection (DPI) Container Loading Supervision(CLS) Factory Audit (FA) Simple Factory Audit (SFA) Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex) Laboratory Testing Product Certification Sample Check How to check the ipad Check material /...

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Our Main Service


Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)

During production Inspection (DPI)blob.png

Container Loading Supervision(CLS)blob.png

Factory Audit (FA)blob.png

Simple Factory Audit (SFA)


Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex)        blob.png

Laboratory Testingblob.png

Product Certificationblob.png

Sample Checkblob.png



How to check the ipad

Check material / important components

Major IC, Memory IC, Screen type, Rechargeable battery, Memory card slot (if exist), Mini USB slot, AC/DC adaptor, Speaker. Specify the type, brand, item No for each item.

Faultless of assembly

Items case assembly

Inscriptions, trade mark (logo) were printed clearly, correctly

Buttons on a product are reliable and are correctly assembled, capable to work smoothly without sticking

All slots and jacks

Installation of the display module

High quality of assembling

Quality of USB slot

Protective transparent film on the display

Insulation of cables

Check product inside

Headphones jack

Packing box

Serial numbers

Confirming the assembly quality, S2 the typical size.

Touch Screen

Multitouch Screen

General system information

General Menu

Dead pixel check.


The test of chemical smells

Dimension measurement

Battery overview

Charging battery time, battery life time

Apply slight shock test by hands.


Device stability check.

AC/DC Adapter charging function check

Voice record and check mic and output function

Memory card




OSD Languages (Languages of the menu)

Menu select function

Check earphone and speaker. Check  the handsfree earphones

Check  microphone and  earspeaker.

Sound. Minimal. Without a sound.

Sound. Maximal

Sound maximal and the image

Sound. Correct volume control.

Camera check. 

Wi-Fi connection

Internal 3G modem


Upgrade Firmware Check

Check GPS function

Proximity sensor check

G-sensor check

Bluetooth check

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