Underwear Inspection Services

Underwear Inspection Services

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 Underwear Inspection Services



How to check the underwear

Rub test for marking or printing:  check The resistance of the marking by trying to remove it by rubbing lightly for 15 s within a white piece of fabric soaked with petroleum spirit/ if the it’s not available, use the 95% alcohol.  2.Rub test / color fastness test for fabric:  Use a white cotton cloth to rub the fabric. Rubbing shall be done 10 time on a 10 cm distance with a Normal force 1 piece per color to be checked with both dry and, wet fabric.-No color transfer greater than 4 on a grey scale (between the original white cloth and the colored one) for dry test No color transfer greater than 3-4 on a grey scale (between the original white cloth and the colored one) reference scale for wet test

Needle Damage check 

Check how the garments are folded and show finished folded dimensions of the garment--Check once only

Color shading check: 1. Takes 100% of the inspected pcs place it side by side as described on the attached picture and identify the different dye lots.  2. check for shading within the same garment “sleeves, front-back, up-bottom, collar, legs” -If different dye lot found rate the shading with grey scale (minimum 4/5 acceptable)

Seaming strength test by hand in normal force

Zipper test

symmetric check

How many stitches per inch

Folded dimension of the garment

check the smell of product/filling is bad smell?

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