Baby Toy Inspection Services

Baby Toy Inspection Services

Our Main Service Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI) During production Inspection (DPI) Container Loading Supervision(CLS) Factory Audit (FA) Simple Factory Audit (SFA) Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex) Laboratory Testing Product Certification Sample Check How to check the baby toy For Europe market,0...

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Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)


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Container Loading Supervision(CLS)


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Laboratory Testing


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How to check the baby toy

For Europe market,0 ≤ 36Mponths: (1)The free length of cords on toys which include attachment shall not 

exceed 220mm when stretched by force of 25N+/-2N.(2)The perimeter of any nooses on cords shall not exceed 

380mm when stretched by a force of 25N+/-2N. (3) Toys with self-retracting cords shall have a mechanism 

recoil force less than 10N. (4) The cord shall not exceed 750mm when streched by a force 25N+/-2N and their

length under these conditions shall be not more than 40% longer than their relaxed length. Fail for: exceed 

the required force as described.

EN 71-1C 4.3,thickness not less than 0.042 mm Anti suffocation warning on back bag

For Europe market,(1) 0 ≤ 36Months: place the toy on the horizontal surface (4mm thick steel plate, which 

has a 2mm thick coating of Short A hardness 75+5) as described in drop test. (2) Tip it over by pushing the 

toy slowly past centre of balance three times, one of which is in its most unfavoutable attitude.             After test, (1)There should not be sharp 

edge, sharp point or small part after test.(2) Hazardous driving mechanisms have become accessible, and record 

the function issues

Ride-on toys should be tumbled down a flight if 6 steps with risers 160 mm minimum and tread 270mm maximum.

There should not be sharp edge, sharp point or small part after test, and record the function issues.

Load with 50kg for 10 minutes.Where the boy is intended to be used by more than one child once, the load should 

be evenly distributed around the toy.  Fail for: (1)breakage or distortion occurrs.(2)Gaps/pinch traps open up between adjoining parts.

The ventilated logo should be presented on product or packing

The front cap should be ventilated

(EEC 93 / 68 Min. 5 mm in height)

EN50419, At least of 7.0mm in height

Not suitable for children under 36 months or Not suitable for children under three years.

At least of 10mm in height

Check with pantone card

For inflating PVC toy played in water, proceed the tension test for the stopper. Reach to the required tension force within 5S, then hold 10S: (1)0 ≤ 36Months:50 N(D<6 mm); (2) 0 ≤ 36Months: 90 N (D>6 mm).The stopper should not be broken or detached.

For inflating PVC toy, measure the protruded height after impeded fully the stopper into the valve. The protrude height should not be over 5 mm above surrounding

Inflating PVC toy played in water should be inflated to normal operating pressures. Apply a force of 5N to any part of the external surface of the inflated device through a steel needle tip with a radius of 0.5mm.Apply the force gradually over a period of 5 s. Maintain the force for a further 5 seconds.Upon completion of procedure, submerge the device in a bath of cold water and examine for leakage of air.

For inflating PVC toy, inflate the product and remove the stopper, place it on the open air area for 4 hours. There should not be obvious air leaking.


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