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QC Inspection

Our Main Services Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI) During production Inspection (DPI) Container Loading Supervision(CLS) Factory Audit (FA) Simple Factory Audit (SFA) Social Compliance Audit (SA/Sedex) Laboratory Testing Product Certification Sample Check How does the inspection work? We begin by...

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Our Main Service

Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)


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How does the inspection work?

We begin by understanding your product, the product requirements and what you would determine to be passing and failing characteristics of your product. Once we understand this, we work with the individual inspector to ensure they too understand the parameters. At this stage, we reach out to your factory and inform them that you have requested a third party inspection to take place. We then coordinate with your factory the most ideal time for this inspection to occur. Once a date is set, you are notified and we make the necessary arrangements for the inspector to visit your factory.

By using the quality control specifications obtained from you, our inspector spends a full man-day, which is usually eight hours, inspecting the factory and the production. At the end of the day the inspector begins preparing their analysis by putting together an inspection report. The inspection report provides a detailed look into exactly what the inspector did, what units they inspected, how many passed, how many failed, and if they did fail, why.

The inspection report is given a final grade, either passing or failing and is delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours after the inspection concludes.

It is important to note that a standard inspection does not involve inspecting 100% of the units. Rather, the standard practice is to inspect a set percentage. This percentage is determined by using the Acceptable Quality Limit tables (AQL tables).

What happens if the inspection fails?

In in the event of a failed inspection, it is the buyer's responsibility to understand why the inspection failed. Was the failure due to communication error, factory oversight, unclear specifications, etc.? Once the reason for failure is uncovered, the buyer can begin to work with the factory to determine corrective measures.

Oftentimes, these measures need to be discussed before the order is placed and the clause would need to be put into the purchase contract. Without this, a factory is not obligated to correct their mistakes. This is why it is imperative to complete a spec sheet.

It is important to note, through our standalone Quality Inspection service, TOPWIN plays an impartial role in the inspection of the goods. TOPWIN and its inspectors are not liable or responsible for correcting or resolving issues or mistakes from the factory uncovered through the inspection process.

Does TOPWIN talk to the factory to resolve the issues?

It is TOPWIN and our inspector's duty to maintain an impartial role throughout the inspection. This means, through our Quality Control services, our focus is on inspecting and reporting. We do not negotiate with factories or delegate resolutions on behalf of the buyer.

After the inspection takes place, what happens?

After an inspection takes place, our inspector will return from the factory and compile their notes into an inspection report. This takes approximately 24 to 48 hours. Once the report is complete, we will send it to you via email.

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