About ISO9001

- Aug 27, 2018-

ISO 9001 is used to verify the organization's ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. With the continuous expansion and internationalization of the commodity economy, in order to enhance the credibility of products, reduce duplicate inspection, weaken and eliminate trade technical barriers, safeguard the rights and interests of producers, distributors, users and consumers, this third party is not subject to the economic interests of both producers and sellers, notarization and science, is the product of all countries and The enterprise carries on the quality appraisal and the supervision passport; As the customer to the supplier quality system examination basis; The enterprise has the ability to satisfy its order product technical request.

Certified enterprises have reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that enterprises can provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products continuously and steadily. From the consumer's point of view, the company is customer-centered, can meet customer needs, achieve customer satisfaction, do not induce consumers.

ISO9000 is a series of standards on quality management and quality assurance issued by ISO in 1987. In 1994, the international organization for Standardization (AFC) made a comprehensive revision of it and reissued it. In 2000, ISO made a major revision to the ISO9000 standards.

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