Advantages Of Product Inspection

- Jun 16, 2017-

Check is the most basic role of product testing, but also can be called quality assurance function. This role exists in all stages of quality management development. As mentioned earlier, the production of enterprises is a complex process, people, machine, material, law, ring and other factors, Product Inspection may have an impact on the changes in the production process, the process can not be in an absolutely stable state, the quality characteristics of the Volatility is an objective existence, requiring each process to ensure that 100% of the production of qualified products, Product Inspection is unlikely Therefore, through the product inspection check, pick out the unqualified products to ensure product quality, is absolutely necessary. Of course, with the improvement of production technology and management work, can reduce the workload of inspection, but the inspection work can not be canceled and replaced. Only through product testing, the implementation of strict checks, so that substandard raw materials do not put into production, Product Inspection substandard semi-finished products do not reverse order, substandard parts are not assembled, unqualified products are not manufactured in order to truly ensure product quality.

Product testing not only plays a key role, but also plays a preventive role, which is different from the traditional product testing is located in the traditional product testing. Broadly speaking, raw materials and purchased parts of the factory inspection, the inspection process before the end of the production process and the next production process, have played a preventive role. In addition, this preventive effect is also reflected in the production process through the test to collect a batch or a group of data, process capability measurement or drawing control chart to understand the process capacity of the situation. If the process capacity is insufficient or the production process is abnormal, Product Inspection it will take timely technical measures to improve the process capability, eliminate the abnormal state of the production process and prevent the occurrence of nonconforming products. Practice has proved that the preventive effect of this test is very effective. In the case of a batch of products put into operation, a shift on the processing of a batch of products, or when the equipment is repaired or adjusted to start production, Product Inspection the first test should be carried out; in the formal batch production, but also regular or not Regularly on the production of products to conduct a thorough investigation (that is, inspection), found that timely measures to be resolved to prevent the occurrence of nonconforming products.

The role of reporting is the role of information feedback. In order to make the managers at all levels grasp the quality of the production process, evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of the quality system to make the right quality decision-making, product inspection departments must test results (especially the calculated indicators), with the report Form, feedback to the leadership and the relevant management in order to make the right evaluation and decision making.

Give full play to the product inspection and prevention of the key is the product testing to participate in quality improvement work, which is involved in product testing departments to improve product quality activities of the specific embodiment. Product inspection personnel are generally by a certain production experience, business skilled engineering and technical personnel and technical staff. They often work in the production line, they are better than the design, process staff affect the production of various factors, the quality of information is also the most informed, can put forward more practical recommendations and measures, Product Inspection which is the product inspection staff advantage. In the management of the design, process, inspection and operation of the staff to engage in quality improvement, to speed up the pace of quality improvement, and achieved good quality management effect is very necessary.

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