AQSIQ Prompts Consumers To Pay Attention To The Following Points When Choosing And Using Headphones.

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. It is recommended that when buying and using earphones, we must attach great importance to the possible harm caused by excessive sound pressure.

2. It is suggested that headphones with good sound barrier performance should be selected as far as possible, because people will increase the volume of headphones unconsciously in noisy environment. The louder the ambient noise, the louder the volume of headphones, the worse the hearing health. Headphones can reduce external noise and reduce hearing loss.

3. It is suggested that when using headphones, the volume should be controlled at about 60% through mobile phones, and the maximum volume should not be used.

4. It is recommended not to use headphones continuously for more than 1 hour. In particular, children and adolescents should be advised to reduce listening time and reduce the risk of hearing loss.

5. In order to ensure personal safety, it is recommended to avoid using earphones in noisy public places as far as possible.


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