Basic Requirements Of Kitchenware

- Nov 03, 2017-

Kitchenware is our home life often contact, good kitchenware can also let us better enjoy the fun of home life.

According to the use of the occasion to divide, can be divided into commercial kitchenware and household utensils. Commercial kitchenware are suitable for large kitchen equipments, such as hotels and restaurants, household kitchenware are usually used in family.

The principle of choosing kitchenware

(1) Health principles

Kitchen utensils should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other pollution of food functions, to ensure the entire kitchen utensils intrinsic quality. At present, some cabinets in the market have taken all the installation of anti-cockroach seal, Kitchenware this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

(2) Fire Protection principle

Kitchen is the only use of open flame in the modern home area, the material fire-retardant ability of the high and low, determines the kitchen and even family safety, especially the kitchen surface of the fire-fighting capability, but also the choice of the important standards of kitchenware. Therefore, Kitchenware the regular kitchenware manufacturer produces the kitchen surface material all uses the nonflammable, the flame-retardant material to make.

(3) The principle of convenience

The operation in the kitchen must have a reasonable flow, therefore, in the kitchen utensils design, can according to the correct process design each part's arrangement, Kitchenware is very important for the later use convenience. And the height of the stove, the position of the hanging cabinet, etc., Kitchenware all directly affect the ease of use. Therefore, we must choose the kitchen utensils that conform to the ergonomic principles and the kitchen operating procedures.

(4) Aesthetic principles

Kitchen utensils not only require shape, color pleasing to the eye, but also to have durability, so the requirements of a more easy to prevent pollution, good cleaning performance, this requires the surface material has a good resistance to grease, the ability to smoke, so that the kitchen utensils can be longer time to keep the surface clean as new.

The former family kitchen is a relatively independent area, Kitchenware and is currently connected with the family's space. As a result, the appearance of kitchenware is increasingly fastidious, is no longer only required to place kitchen utensils, washing vegetables, and began to pursue the appearance of elegant kitchen utensils. For modern sets of kitchenware requirements, no less than other furniture, a variety of styles of modern kitchenware is popular with consumers.

General home because the kitchen space is not large, Kitchenware so the lighter color of the kitchenware is more popular, such as green, light gray. In the kitchen surface of the material to the fire board as the mainstream. The improved refractory plate is not only dazzling, but also has a remarkable improvement in its heat-resisting and durability performance. Complete sets of kitchen utensils in the storage function design is also more elaborate, precise, sweeping past messy, difficult to find dilemma.

In the concept of the kitchen as a whole, it should be noted that not all household appliances can be embedded in the cupboard, should take into account household appliances and cabinets in the material and heat dissipation of the coordination, otherwise will affect the use of household appliances security, endanger their own safety.

The main body of the kitchen is the upper and lower cabinets and closet, Kitchenware the top and bottom cabinets are priced according to the quality per meter. Now there are also custom-made various types of cabinets, when you buy a certain number of kitchen utensils, pay a certain amount of deposit, shops or manufacturers of the design staff can be door-to-door according to the size of the kitchen room, measured design drawings and then calculate the price, the customer is satisfied after the implementation of the production, Kitchenware and then customers to the store or factory full payment. At the appointed time, the professional will come to the door for installation.

Kitchenware accessories include sinks, faucets, gas burners, fume hoods, dishwashers, garbage cans, seasoning cabinets and so on, can buy their own or please design staff to buy on behalf of the overall consideration.

The purchase of kitchenware should be quality, function, color and other factors. Products should have wear-resistant, acid and alkali, fire, anti-bacteria, anti-static. Design should take into account the aesthetic, practical, convenient basic requirements. The function should take fully into account the housewife's use habit and security. In addition to personal preferences in color is mainly with the kitchen wall tiles, bedroom furniture coordination.

Kitchen door using a fire retardant performance of the board, PVC molded plate, matte paint plate, super bright mirror panels. Kitchen table Panel of the use of rich home veneer board, Kitchenware but also the color of art stone and DuPont materials. The inner material of the kitchenware is usually made of medium density plate, and there is a green point-like fireproof material on the cross section of the good material.

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