CCTV Broadcast The Second China Quality Award Three Times A Day.

- Sep 11, 2018-

Rarely seen: "CCTV" broadcast the second China Quality Award three times a day. As the mainstream media of the country, CCTV, known as the "Big Brother" oriented by public opinion, has aroused widespread concern in society. The reason why people pay attention to it is that the publicity quality of this trinity of news broadcast, focus interviews and evening news is rare. Therefore, it can be said that in the direction of public opinion, quality propaganda has not become the mainland media (mainstream media) of the "major drama". By contrast, entertainment stars, political reports, natural disasters, and exotic stories... It is the "first big meal" that many media use to "eyeball". It is no wonder that the media, pursuing "audience rating" is the "survival way" in the hidden rules of the media. In fact, CCTV broadcasting quality is the first to break through the "ratings" of the "strange circle": the Internet to celebrate, see the number of ordinary people and "entertainment stars" have a match. Maybe people will ask, "why?" A retired elders said: "look at what businesses and entrepreneurs win!" I will buy their products in the future! The original product quality involves people's clothing, food and shelter, which is suitable for both young and old.

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