Certification And Inspection Of Production License For Industrial Products Stipulate The Certification Of Production Licenses

- Nov 13, 2018-

Article 5 Where an enterprise is qualified for on-the-spot verification, the inspectors shall extract and seal the samples according to the requirements of the sampling rules of the product implementation rules, and inform the enterprise of the list and contact methods of all the license inspection agencies undertaking the inspection task of the production license of the product, which shall be chosen by the enterprise itself.

Article 6 The production license enterprise examination organizing unit shall carry out on-the-spot verification according to the provisions. If the on-the-spot verification is qualified, it shall organize and complete timely the sampling and storage of the product quality inspection samples of the production license of the enterprise in accordance with the implementation rules.

Article 7 If a sample needs to be sent for inspection after being sampled and sealed, the inspector shall inform the enterprise to deliver the sample to the license inspection institution within 7 days from the date of the sample being sealed.

Article 8 Where on-site inspection is required for products with technical barriers and potential safety hazards in the storage or transportation of samples or failing to ensure the authenticity of samples, on-site inspection may be carried out by a license inspection institution chosen by the enterprise itself.

License inspection institutions shall not use personnel other than those with inspection qualifications in their units to carry out on-site inspection.

The ninth enterprises do not inspect the products on site and do not conduct product sampling and inspection.

Article 10 License inspection institutions shall check and accept incoming samples of production license products, including seals, integrity of samples, quantity of samples, consistency between samples and sampling lists, date of acceptance of samples, and make good records. If the sample is found to be in question, it should be contacted with the organization in time.

Article 11 The license inspection institution shall carry out the inspection in accordance with the requirements of the production license inspection stipulated in the Implementation Rules, and complete the inspection within the inspection time limit stipulated in the Implementation Rules and issue the inspection report on the date of receipt of the sample from the enterprise.

Article 12 A certification inspection report issued by an inspection institution shall undergo three-level examination and verification, and shall be marked as a certification inspection report in the report. The contents of the report shall be qualified or not. The license inspection institution shall submit the inspection report to the examination organization unit and send it to the relevant enterprises within 5 days after the completion of the inspection work. If the product quality inspection is not up to standard, the license inspection institution shall report the situation to the superior quality and technical supervision department in time.

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