Children's Swim Ring Does Not Leak Really Safe Yet? --No

- Dec 23, 2016-

Our children swim ring are not performing a lifebuoy standard, also no single quality standard for swimming laps, but swim ring as a toy for children, is performed by the toy safety standards. 2014 SAC developed GB 6675-2014 the toy safety standards: in accordance with existing EU provisions, GB 6 plasticizer for children's toys given strict limits. But for now, the standard for children's swimming circle production and has no binding effect, unqualified young swimmers still publicly sold in supermarkets, shopping malls, parents awareness of its risks are still not sufficient. So, swim in the children's often found in the quality monitoring process: identify inconsistent thickness does not match, dibutyl phthalate ester plasticisers plasticisers such as does not meet the requirements for excessive problems cast a shadow over children's swimming safety.

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