China Quality Award Has Its Own Characteristics.

- Aug 28, 2018-

"Compared with developed countries, China's quality level is still far behind, and the national quality award system in China is also a new thing, we need to learn from foreign good practices, while adhering to Chinese characteristics." Wang Yue said.

Wang Yue concluded that the Chinese characteristics of the Chinese quality awards are mainly embodied in three aspects: paying attention to the concept and practice of quality, sustainable development, and the importance of the quality of enterprise leaders. "Emphasizing the guidance of ideas is a characteristic of Chinese culture, and the Chinese Quality Award attaches great importance to quality awareness and ideas." Wang Yue said.

Wang Yue said that in the selection of quality awards in China, the first thing is to examine the understanding of the candidate units to the quality concept and quality system and its practical measures. Secondly, it also pays attention to the quality of sustainable development of the candidate units, to examine the sustainability of the quality concept and practical development of the selected objects. At the same time, for the development of "quality" and the effectiveness of social practice, including international recognition, the importance of enterprise leaders to quality is also very critical.

In Wang Yue's view, the implementation of the quality award system and the selection of China's quality awards are important measures for supply-side reform under the new normal. Under the new normal, we must pay attention to the quality of development, take the road of quality-benefit development, and need the whole society to provide higher quality products and services. The requirements for quality and efficiency will not be reduced, but will only be higher. This also requires quality incentive system to promote enterprises to provide more and higher quality products and services, thereby enhancing the quality of social development benefits.

Wang Yue also expressed his views on the different voices of the Chinese quality awards, such as whether the winners of the Chinese quality awards are not without product quality problems and whether the selection of the Chinese quality awards is completely objective and fair. He believes that the most important thing is to formulate scientific and reasonable evaluation criteria and strictly follow the criteria for practice, but also in the selection process to constantly improve and develop the criteria, and constantly improve and research, can reflect the value and significance of the selection.

Wang Yue also said that for the award-winning enterprises may appear specific quality problems and some different views of the community, we should also dialectically analyze the causes of the problems, "is it really inevitable or subjective intent, should be different, should take punishment measures should be taken." But what needs to be emphasized is that we should strive to correct and correct mistakes. Because even the world's most well-known enterprises, the most well-known products, there will be quality problems, such as the recall of well-known brands of cars, the quality of well-known civil aircraft, etc., if the absolute vision and perspective to see the problem, itself is not a scientific and reasonable way and attitude.

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