Constructing Public Health System To Serve Economic And Social Development

- Sep 20, 2018-

Under the new situation, reform and innovation is imperative. For the reform and innovation of the inspection and quarantine mode, Zhang's bra has bamboo. The first is to carry out a pilot project to innovate the inspection mechanism at Zhuhai Port; the second is to reform the methods of vehicle drivers'infectious disease surveillance and physical examination in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Guangdong and Macao; and the third is to explore new models of health and quarantine supervision such as departure quarantine and telecommunication quarantine. "We should adhere to the problem-oriented approach and improve the new model of quarantine, transportation quarantine and classified supervision of major infectious diseases leaving China on the basis of risk assessment. We should innovate health quarantine supervision models such as health fleet and Telecommunications quarantine. To study the health and quarantine supervision of cross-border e-commerce, to explore a new business model based on enterprise record and full declaration of goods, and to strengthen the chain supervision mode at the source and after the event.

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