Consumer Experts Warn Us That Shopping Weight Comes From Traditional Ideas, But It Also Has A Guiding Role In Modern Consumption.

- Sep 20, 2018-

Consumer experts warn us that shopping weight comes from traditional ideas, but in modern consumption also has a certain guiding role. Under normal circumstances, feel heavy goods, can let the customer feel solid. Therefore, in the purchase of food, jewelry and other commodities, consumers should try to measure accurately the formal market, where the real price can be guaranteed, a full weight. For technology products such as household appliances, it can not simply be used as a standard of weight. Recently, a female customer asked whether the vacuum cleaner should be taken into consideration. One of her neighbors replied, "too light and too heavy" is not good. Experience should choose a slightly heavy, but too cumbersome products are not good, storage and use will be troublesome, some people will be tired, with a few times after discarding as a broom, such a waste. It should be said that the words of the neighbour are very pertinent. From his answer, we can draw a heavy conclusion: the quality of the product is more important than the weight.

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