Deming Prize In Japan

- Aug 28, 2018-

Making quality improvement a conscious action for enterprises

The quality awards in Japan mainly include the Japanese Quality Award, Deming Award and the Japanese Quality Award (including the TQM Award and the Quality Innovation Award). The Deming prize is relatively influential internationally.

The Deming Award is the highest award in the field of global total quality management. It is one of the earliest awards to be established and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Union.

History of awards

The Deming Award was founded in 1951 by the Japanese Association for Science and Technology (JUSE) in memory of Dr. William Edwards Deming (1900-1993). In 1950, at the invitation of the Japan Science and Technology Alliance, Dr. Deming gave an eight-day speech to Japanese business people. The workshop gave the Japanese business community a profound understanding of the significance of statistical quality control. Thereafter, the Japan Science and Technology Union (JUST) established the award with the aid of a handout donated by Dr. Deming.

In 1954, Nikkei Magazine established the Nikkei Quality Management Literature Award, which awarded excellent literature on quality management and statistical methods for quality management. The Deming Award Committee evaluated the candidates and awarded the awards to the winners.


The Deming prize includes the personal award, the implementation award, the institution quality management award and the Japanese Scripture award. The Deming Prize is awarded annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to TQM or to the study of statistical methods used in TQM, to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the popularization of TQM, and to enterprises that have achieved outstanding results through the implementation of TQM. Any organization, regardless of industry type, public sector or private sector, size, domestic or overseas, may apply for the award.

Award role

Implementing Deming Award directly or indirectly has an immeasurable impact on the development of quality control and quality management in Japan, including the stabilization and improvement of quality, the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of cost, the full implementation of quality management plan, the full participation in the improvement of total quality management and organizational structure, and the promotion of pipes. To manage and improve the motivation, to promote the establishment of a variety of management systems and comprehensive management system, improve the quality and quality management level.

The Deming prize has promoted the standardization activities of enterprises. By applying for Deming Quality Award, the enterprise has established and improved its comprehensive management system, promoted its standardization activities, enhanced its management and quality improvement awareness, increased the enthusiasm of all staff to actively participate in TQC activities and quality improvement, improved product quality, labor productivity and enterprise cohesion. Quality improvement and standardization activities become the conscious action of enterprises.

The Deming prize has a direct or indirect effect on the TQC of Japanese enterprises. By applying for Deming Quality Award, Japanese enterprises take TQC as a weapon for enterprises to participate in market competition, and incorporate it into their business strategy, and implement it. Deming Quality Award improves the cohesion of enterprises, corrects the past business strategy does not attach importance to the practice of guiding and promoting the sustainable development of enterprises.

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