Disinfection Of Kitchen Utensils

- Jul 13, 2017-

For the diet, health is very important, especially in the outside when eating, if the public tableware kitchen utensils will give us some trouble, after use is likely to make us sick, so disinfection is necessary, For each of us's physical and mental health Kitchenware is also very important for regular disinfection, Kitchenware but how to disinfect kitchenware! Now we please Zhejiang Tsui kitchen equipment staff to introduce us

1, boiled disinfection will be washed dishes, into a large pot, add tap water, the depth of water to have no tableware. Add fire to boil, boil and continue to cook for 30 minutes, Kitchenware after the natural cooling, you can use.

2, steam disinfection will be cleaned in accordance with the size of the dishes placed in a clean large drawer, cover the lid, add steam steam. When the water boils, and then continue to steam for 20-30 minutes. Take the natural cooling method, the tableware will be cooled. Use must not use dirty rag to wipe, making tableware is contaminated and become a source of infection again.

Kitchenware 360 samples, everything must be carefully selected ah: from the cooking soup pot, to the spatula, clean sponge, chopping boards and so on and so on, Kitchenware every link is very important to health.

Kitchen utensils of the three essentials

1. Use easy to clean, no cracks and damage inside the pot.

Surface damage may keep food and breed bacteria.

2. We recommend the use of wood, bamboo or silicone shovel.

Do not use iron and metal shovels, may scratch the pot surface.

3. If the surface of the pot coating is damaged, it is best not to use.

1. wok: can not blood

The wok should be the most popular and very popular pot.

In fact, not so exaggerated. Iron pot dissolved iron, non-heme iron, not easy to absorb, not to mention the blood.

In recent years there are some "tall" cast iron pot is very popular, this pot is very heavy, enamel color is also rich, of course, the price is not cheap.

Cast iron pot of many advantages:

Thermal conductivity and heat more uniform, you can not effortless spoon;

Insulation is better, directly to the cast iron pot on the table dishes can also heat;

Good sealing, soup soup when the food is not easy to lose water, Kitchenware keep the original flavor;

Can be on the fire, but also into the oven.

In general, the cast iron pot is a good choice, but the price is oh oh ~

2. Stainless steel pot: cost-effective

Stainless steel pot cheap, fast heating, can be used in high temperature heating. Most of the bottom of the stainless steel pot is copper or aluminum, so that the heating is relatively uniform.

Heard that stainless steel pot will precipitate metal manganese, leading to Parkinson's disease?

This is purely rumors, China has strict rules for stainless steel products, as long as the regular manufacturers of qualified products, do not worry, rest assured that use.

3. non-stick pan (Teflon): do not empty burning

Non-stick pan, is the inner surface of the pot more than a layer of non-stick, heat-resistant scratch-resistant coating. Commonly used coating is polytetrafluoroethylene, Kitchenware which is often heard of Teflon.

This pot is easy to clean, fried fish and pork do not have to worry about burning fear.

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