Energy Efficiency Standard Of Flat Panel Television Passed Examination

- Dec 10, 2018-

According to Zhang Xin, the main drafter of the standard and senior engineer of China Institute of Standardization, this standard stipulates the energy efficiency level, energy efficiency limit value, energy efficiency evaluation value, measurement method and inspection rules of flat panel TV (including LCD TV and plasma TV). The standard divides the energy efficiency level of flat panel TV into three levels, one of which is the highest level. The principle of grading is as follows: the first level is the target value of energy-saving products, and the index determines the highest level of similar products in the current market; the second level is the evaluation level of energy-saving products, which is set according to the first 20% of energy efficiency of similar products; the third level is the market access level, which is mainly used for eliminating high-energy-consuming products in the market. Eliminate about 15% of the inefficient product settings. After validation, testing and discussion of hundreds of samples, the specific indicators of three grades were finally determined.

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