Equipment Engineering Supervision Standard Requirements For Equipment Supervision Units

- Nov 09, 2018-

4.1 General rule

We should abide by the principles of science, fairness, impartiality, standardization and good faith, abide by supervision duties, exercise supervision power, fulfill contractual obligations and strive to satisfy clients, including:

A) carry out supervision services only within the scope of its capability and fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract;

B) ensure that its equipment supervisors follow the ethical code of conduct in the supervision industry.

C) Should not engage in the design, sales, procurement, manufacturing, storage, transportation, installation, commissioning of the projects under supervision and other activities affecting impartiality;

D) the equipment supervisor shall be required to provide supervision services to the client in an upright, fair and honest manner.

(e) Equipment supervisors shall ensure that they abide by the relevant confidentiality agreements and regulations in the course of supervision activities; without written permission, during or after the termination of the contract, the technical and commercial secrets declared by the client shall not be disclosed, nor shall the technical and commercial secrets declared by the supervised unit be disclosed.

4.2 quality management of equipment supervision units

General principles of 4.2.1

The quality management system that meets the requirements of GB/T 19001-2008 should be established and maintained.

Continuous planning, organization, monitoring, control, reporting and necessary corrective measures should be taken for the process involved in equipment supervision services.

4.2.2 file management

A documented procedure should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 19001-2008, and the following should also be included:

A) the compilation of quality plan and supervision rules;

B) design and development of equipment supervision service;

C) handling disputes, complaints and complaints;

D) control of confidentiality;

E) control of security.

4.2.3 records and data management

General principles of

A documented procedure shall be developed to specify the control required for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention period and disposal of supervision records.

Supervision records should be standardized, real, accurate, rigorous and timely, and should not be altered at will.

Supervision records should be kept clear, easy to identify and retrieve.

Management of supervision materials

The collection, classification, collation, filing, identification, storage, protection, retrieval, storage deadline, disposal and provision of supervision data should be controlled.

A) supervision documents should include documents and original records formed during the supervision service.

B) the responsibility of supervision data management should be clearly defined.

C) the supervision materials should be true, complete and orderly.

D) supervision materials should be tidied up and filed in time.

E) The compilation, classification, filing, preservation, disposal and provision of supervision archives shall conform to the relevant provisions and the stipulations of supervision contracts.

Note 1: The supervisory information includes information in the form of text, graphics and photographs, as well as information in the form of electronic documents.

Note 2: According to the characteristics of project management, supervision data can be classified according to project stage, equipment category, service content, professional category and information content. According to the contents of supervision materials, it can be divided into the following categories:

- based on contract documents, including supervision contracts, etc. Generally, it includes project contracts, drawings, plans, changing documents, relevant minutes, etc.

- supervision work documents, including quality plan, supervision rules, etc.

The supervision management category refers to supervision records such as inspection, audit, confirmation and witness, including witness records, audit records, supervision diaries, and documents and records of plans, plans, reports and quality records submitted by the supervised units.

- Instruction documents, including supervision engineer's notice, payment certificate, suspension order, start/resume instruction, etc.

- Communication and coordination, including meeting minutes, working contact forms, related correspondence documents, related telephone calls, fax records, etc.

Supervision reports include supervision summary report and supervision phase report.

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