European Quality Award

- Aug 28, 2018-

Let the outstanding organization get a higher prestige.

The European Quality Award (EQA) is one of the most prestigious awards in Europe and even in the world for outstanding performance of organizations.

European companies have learned from the quality achievements of the American Podolich National Quality Award and the Japanese Deming Quality Award in promoting and improving the quality of the manufacturing and service industries. They think it is necessary for Europe to develop a framework of European quality improvement that can match it.

The European Quality Award was sponsored by the European Commission (EC) European Quality Organization (EOQ) and the European Quality Fund (EFQM) at the initiative of Mr. Martin Bengman, Vice-President of the European Commission.

The Euro Quality Award focuses on the excellence of all European organizations with better performance and supports them on the road to excellence.

History of awards

In Europe, more and more organizations have recognized that quality management is a management activity for efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage, and is a way to ensure long-term success and meet the needs of customers, employees, stakeholders and society at large. The implementation of quality management projects can achieve significant benefits, such as improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction, which will bring better performance to the organization.

In 1988, with the approval and support of the European Union, the visionary president of 14 leading European companies (Bosch, BT, Bull, Ciba-Geigy, Dassault, Elix, Fiat, KLM, Nestle, Philips, Renault, Sulzer, Volkswagen, Olivetti, etc.) founded the European Quality Management Foundation. . The main driving force behind this powerful management network is the realization that organizations using the Podolic National Quality Award and the Deming Award model in Japan have significantly improved service and manufacturing quality; quality is one of the prerequisites for organizational success and competition.

In 1990, with the support of the European Commission (EU) and the European Organization for Quality, the European Quality Management Foundation (EQF) began to plan the European Quality Award, which was first awarded in 1992.

At present, most European countries have established their own national quality awards, and their evaluation methods and procedures follow the European quality awards. The winners are outstanding organizations whose methods and results are role models for Europe or the world. Because they are exceptional organizations, independent juries do not often identify winners of each category, but further enhance the prestige of those who reach that level.


The European Quality Awards are divided into quality awards, individual awards, shortlist awards and nomination awards. The scope of the awards was extended to organizations in the public sphere in 1996, and to SMEs with less than 250 employees and sales, marketing and research institutions in 1997.

Quality Award: the European quality award is awarded to the best known company. The quality, methods and results of award-winning enterprises are a paragon of Europe or the world. The award-winning enterprises can use the European quality award winners logo on letters, cards, advertisements and so on.

Single award: awarded to outstanding enterprises in some essential elements of the excellence model. In 2003, the European Quality Award was awarded in the fields of leadership, customer-to-product evaluation, social benefit evaluation, human resource effectiveness evaluation, employee input and business results. Individual awards recognize and recognise the exemplary performance of an enterprise in one area, and make it easier for managers and the media to understand.

Award: The Euro Quality Award means that companies have achieved a high level of continual improvement in their basic principles of quality management. The award winners will be recognized at the annual European Quality Award Forum. The forum is held annually in different European cities and is attended by more than 700 business managers from different European countries and regions.

The nomination award shows that the winning enterprises have reached the middle level of the European Quality Award excellence mode. Nominations to the European Quality Award will help encourage companies to better manage their quality and encourage them to continue their efforts.

Award role

One is to encourage and help European enterprises to improve their business activities, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social benefits and enterprise efficiency excellence; the other is to support European managers to accelerate the implementation of total quality management, the decisive factor in gaining an advantage in the global market competition. Cheng.

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