Fluorescence Detection Lights Can You Identify Toxic Clothing

- Dec 23, 2016-

The quality and safety of children's clothing has always been a focus for parents, news events are constantly stirring up the inferior quality of parents ' nerves. Recently, when some parents shopping for children's clothing, using a fluorescence lamp children's clothing, trying to identify the containing fluorescent agents "toxic" clothing. Well-known third-party testing and certification bodies of ICAS ICAS textile testing experts say that such an approach is not desirable, standards also to perfect. As early as 1986, GB confirm fluorescence of the dye terminology is a colorless fluorescent dyes can be used for textile dyeing, bleaching auxiliaries and dyes. But up to now, fluorescent agent will harm on human body, and its relevant provisions in standard are not clear. First of all, a lot of fluorescent agent will have a certain toxicity, but no toxicity experimental data to support the specific hazards. In the General case, clothing containing only trace amounts of fluorescent agent, does not produce toxicity.

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