Food Production Dates Need To Be Scrutinize

- Sep 28, 2018-

The moon cakes sold in regular channels will clearly indicate the production date and shelf life on the package. When choosing moon cakes, do not buy products that have passed their shelf life, but also pay attention to check the gift boxes and single food packaging labels. The state stipulates that when a single pre-packaged food with multiple production dates and shelf-life dates is contained in the same pre-packaged package, such as a moon cake gift box containing a variety of flavors or other foods at the same time, the production date marked on the outer package shall be the production date of the first single food produced, or the outer package shall be sold. The date of the unit sold and the shelf-life marked on the outer package shall be calculated according to the shelf-life of the earliest expired individual food. The production date and shelf-life of each individual food package may also be marked separately on the outer package.

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