Future Prospect Of Metrology

- May 16, 2019-

Every industrial revolution in history has been accompanied by a leap in measurement technology and a major change in measurement. Based on Newton's law, the development of mechanics and thermal measurement and the high unification of "measurement and weighing" have opened the first industrial revolution of replacing manual labor with machines; the realization of electrical measurement and the signing of the Metric Convention ushered in the second industrial revolution of the "electrical age"; the expansion of measurement field, the improvement of measurement accuracy and the formal establishment of the International Unit of Measurement (SI), The third industrial revolution led by information control was established.

A new generation of industrial revolution is brewing and rising, which will profoundly affect the development of economy, science and technology, and all aspects of society. The measurement technology system is also experiencing historic changes. In 2018, the international measurement unit system will be redefined and the world measurement technical rules will be reconstructed, which will have a wide and far-reaching impact. The most prominent manifestations are "quantization of measurement unit" and "flattening of traceability of measurement value", which will drive related industries to achieve leapfrog development. At present, quantum technology and information technology are merging with each other. The development mode of quantum technology and Internet technology will set off a real revolution in metrology, even the whole measurement science. It is no longer a distant expectation that more accurate, faster, more sophisticated and more ubiquitous measurement will be achieved.

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