High High Toxin Causing Malachite Green Why Repeated

- Dec 23, 2016-

Also known as basic green Malachite Green, aniline green, Malachite Green, which is kill kill kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, drugs, and a dye. According to domestic well-known of third party food agricultural detection certification institutions ICAS British Gehl of technology experts introduced road, as sterilization drug, Malachite Green will was violations for aquatic products of production, and transport and sales, link: in production farming link, it was for in FRY hatch and species, and into fish farming stage control fish disease; in transport sales link, Malachite Green was for on car, and water, disinfection sterilization. But the results of scientific research have shown that Malachite Green with high toxin, high residual side effects such as teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic, and Malachite Green in so many countries listed as banned drugs in aquaculture.

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