How To Solve The Product Quality Problems

- Sep 11, 2018-

To solve the problem of product quality undoubtedly requires the joint efforts of production enterprises and government supervision to enhance quality awareness and supervision. However, the solution to the crisis of product quality and integrity is inseparable from the general mobilization of the whole society. It is inseparable from the media's call for "mobilization order" and "assembly number". As Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in his instructions: "Let the pursuit of excellence and quality become the value orientation and the spirit of the times of the whole society and the whole nation..." The formation of this "value orientation" and "spirit of the times" shoulders heavy responsibilities in the media, especially in the mainstream media. Any sacred mission must start with trivial matters. Don't miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks. China's integrity system, national brands, the spirit of the times should be like CCTV, from "publicity quality first", so that any "made in China" even if the firewood, rice, oil and salt... They are shining with the glory of the nation and the times.

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