Hygienic Principles Of Kitchenware

- Aug 28, 2017-

Kitchenware is the general term of kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils are now the most commonly used tableware racks include bowls, condiment racks, tool racks, wine racks, etc., these shelves can be a special screw or stainless steel bar fixed on the wall or cupboard, no longer occupy the cupboard counter.

Kitchenware is our home life often contact, good kitchenware can also let us better enjoy the fun of home life. What are the kitchen items? Mainly divided into five categories, storage appliances, washing utensils, Kitchenware conditioning appliances, cooking utensils and utensils in this area supplies.

The principle of purchasing kitchenware

1, the principle of health:

Kitchen utensils should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other pollution of food functions, to ensure the entire kitchen utensils intrinsic quality. At present, some cabinets in the market have taken all the installation of anti-cockroach seal, Kitchenware this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

2, the principle of fire protection:

Kitchen is the only use of open flame in the modern home area, the material fire-retardant ability of the high and low, determines the kitchen and even family safety, especially the kitchen surface of the fire-fighting capability, but also the choice of the important standards of kitchenware. Therefore, Kitchenware the regular kitchenware manufacturer produces the kitchen surface material all uses the nonflammable, the flame-retardant material to make.

3, the principle of convenience:

The operation in the kitchen must have a reasonable flow, therefore, in the kitchen utensils design, can according to the correct process design each part's arrangement, is very important for the later use convenience. And the height of the stove, the position of the hanging cabinet, etc., Kitchenware all directly affect the ease of use. Therefore, we must choose the kitchen utensils that conform to the ergonomic principles and the kitchen operating procedures.

We choose the kitchen accessories not only require handsome appearance, Kitchenware but also the material is easy to clean, durable, the above is a small part of the kitchen accessories and purchase principles, hope to help everyone.

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