Interpretation Of The New Deployment Of The National Quality Inspection System Legal Work Conference

- Nov 13, 2018-

At this year's National Conference on the Legal System of Quality Inspection System, it was especially pointed out that we should comprehensively promote the working mechanism and team building of the legal system. According to the work plan, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the inspection and quarantine bureaus directly under the Central Government, the quality supervision bureaus at or above the prefectural and municipal levels, and the grass-roots quality inspection departments with large workload and more legal issues should set up independent legal institutions, equipped with legal personnel with high legal quality and strong working ability, and provided with equipment allocation and financial support. And other aspects to provide support and protection. Combined with the strategy of strong talent inspection, we should study the implementation of the reserve system for legal professionals in quality inspection. Through written examinations, interviews, simulated law enforcement and handling of simulated reconsideration cases, we regularly organize and carry out legal talent selection activities, select about 300 outstanding legal talents in the system, and establish the legal talent pool of the national quality inspection system. In view of the annual formulation and release of data, current effective data, administrative examination and approval, administrative licensing data, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation data and legal personnel information data of quality inspection laws, administrative regulations, rules and normative documents, a statistical database of legal work data is established to further improve and perfect the legal work data. Statistical work system. At the same time, we will actively carry out comparative studies of domestic quality control laws and foreign product quality, inspection and quarantine legal system, and establish a comparative study database of legal system.

Building quality inspection of the rule of law is also inseparable from vigorous legal publicity. This year, the General Administration of Quality Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has asked the whole system to carry out the "five-up-six-entry" propaganda activities of quality inspection law. That is to say, the propaganda of quality inspection law should be on TV, radio, newspaper, periodical and internet. It should enter the organs, villages, communities, schools, enterprises and units, and vigorously strengthen the orientation of enterprises, consumers and enterprises. We should carry out propaganda activities on legal knowledge of quality inspection for the whole society, enhance the awareness of the rule of law of quality in the whole society, and create a relaxed, harmonious and rational social environment for the development of quality inspection.

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