ISO 9001 Consultation Process

- Aug 27, 2018-

A) consultation process planning

1. Investigate and consult the general plan.

2. Plan and consult the whole progress of work.

3. Decomposition of the consultation plan at each stage.

B) diagnosis of quality system

1. Diagnostic plan

2, enterprise scene judgment

3. Diagnostic report / improvement suggestion

C) business process analysis

1, management process objectives (effectiveness and efficiency)

2. Management process control and coordination

3. Responsibility assignment of management process

4, management process problems / breakpoints

D) quality system design

1. Quality policy and quality objective design

2. Optimization of business process

3, organization and function allocation, management representative's determination.

4, documentation architecture

E) ISO9001 training

1. Management training

2. ISO9001 standard understanding training

3, management process documentation training

4. System operation training

5. Internal auditor training

6. Certification preparation training

7, management special training

F) documentation guidance

1. Document preparation guidance / assistance

2. Document review and discussion

3. Finalization of the document

G) guidance for quality system operation

1. System operation guidance and inspection.

2, the overall operation of the system is reviewed.

3, improvement measures tracking

H) quality system evaluation and improvement

1. Internal audit guidance / assistance

2. Management review guidance

3. Guide and supervise the implementation of corrective actions.

I) third party certification of quality system

1. Recommending certification bodies / assisting applications

2. Certification preparation guidance.

3, on-site audit follow-up

4. Corrective action counselling

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