Kitchenware Clean Small Coup

- Jul 01, 2017-

For the diet, health is very important, especially in the outside when eating, if the public tableware kitchen utensils will give us some trouble, after use is likely to make us sick, so disinfection is necessary, For each of us's physical and mental health Kitchenware is also very important for regular disinfection, but how to disinfect kitchenware! Now we please Zhejiang Tsui kitchen equipment staff to introduce us.

1, boiled disinfection will be washed dishes, into a large pot, add tap water, the depth of water to have no tableware. Add fire to boil, boil and continue to cook for 30 minutes, Kitchenware after the natural cooling, you can use.

2, steam disinfection will be cleaned in accordance with the size of the dishes placed in a clean large drawer, cover the lid, add steam steam. When the water boils, and then continue to steam for 20-30 minutes. Take the natural cooling method, the tableware will be cooled. Kitchenware Use must not use dirty rag to wipe, making tableware is contaminated and become a source of infection again.

In the family, the kitchen is the use of the highest frequency is the most easily damaged, kitchen utensils and water should always deal with the fire, if not careful care, life will be shortened. How should we be maintained in order to make it new?

What are the small coup to clean kitchenware? Features finishing some of the following points:

1. Do not accumulate. With a soft towel, Kitchenware soft wiping cloth with water or polished with stainless steel brightener. Robe or cucumber cross section cut dipped in powder, rubbing stainless steel kitchen utensils (Robb's section can absorb the coarse particles of decontamination powder, will not scratch stainless steel), to be polished after rinsing clean, that is bright as new. Kitchenware Cabinets because of the total to deal with water, fire, if not careful care, life will be shortened. Suzhou stainless steel kitchen utensils

2. In the maintenance of the kitchen, the heavy objects should be placed under the table, if the water dripping, as soon as possible with a dry cloth to keep dry.

3. sink tank inside the need to leak, Kitchenware if the phenomenon of leakage to timely maintenance.

4. Tobacco stove maintenance should be diligent, because just fried vegetables oil or hot, oil is easy to be erased, so to develop a good habit of wiping immediately after use, if a long time, it is difficult to clean.

5. If there is a water stain in the stainless steel sink, you can use a decontamination powder or a melon cloth to scrub, and avoid a heavy blow or sharp foreign body damage to the surface. Kitchen brush with paint equipment, often paint off, crack, scratches and so on. Repair paint off, use a knife to scratch the skin from the paint, remove the mold, and then sandpaper polished clean grass, Kitchenware but also pay attention to primer and finish matching, such cases occurred in the humidity of the larger room.

6. In the kitchen of paint and kitchen doors and other decorative components, the application of paint to its six closed, to prevent moisture.

Paint film fine crack is mainly due to the hardness of the surface paint caused by the high, it should be polished, the use of flexible paint to brush, master the amount of curing agent ratio, and should not be painted too thick.

7. When the paint film is very light, Kitchenware you can spray the furniture care agent, wipe with a clean towel, scratches deeper, the use of water frosted paper gently grinding and with the surrounding natural smooth, and then smear furniture care agent glazing The But if the smashing is very serious, there is the collapse of the pattern points, the points should be dripping finish until the last level.

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