Liability Regulations For Repair, Replacement And Return Of Household Automobile Products - Repairer's Obligation

- Dec 17, 2018-

Article 13 A repairman shall establish and implement a system of archiving repair records. Written repair records shall be in duplicate, one for archiving and one for consumers.

Repair records shall include repair time, mileage, repair problems, inspection results, repair items, name and number of parts and components replaced, material cost, man-hour and man-hour cost, towage cost, information provided for spare vehicles or amount of compensation for transportation costs, delivery time, signature or seal of repairmen and consumers, etc.

Repair records should be easily accessible or reproduced by consumers.

Article 14 A repairman shall maintain a reasonable reserve of spare parts needed for repairs, ensure the normal operation of repairs and avoid delays in repairs due to lack of spare parts.

Article 15 Parts and components used for repairing household automobile products shall be qualified parts provided or approved by the producer, and their quality shall not be lower than that of products on the assembly line of household automobile products.

Article 16 Where there are product quality problems or serious safety performance failures in the household automobile products during the warranty period and the validity period of three packages, and they cannot drive safely or safely, telephone consultation and repair services shall be provided; if telephone consultation services are not available, on-site repair services shall be carried out and reasonable vehicle towage charges shall be borne.

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