National Bureau Of Statistics: In April, The Operation Of The National Economy Continued To Improve Steadily Within A Reasonable Range.

- May 16, 2019-

China Quality News Network News May 15, the National Bureau of Statistics released April's national economic operation. Statistics show that the national economy operated in a reasonable range in April, with steady and progressive momentum continuing.

In April, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, various departments in various regions earnestly implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, adhered to the general tone of steady progress, promoted high-quality economic development, adhered to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, coordinated and stable growth, promoted reform, adjusted structure, benefited the people's livelihood, prevented risks, and firmly grasped employment. The policy of stabilizing finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and anticipation has been implemented, and the economic operation has been maintained in a reasonable range, continuing the overall stable and progressive development trend.

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