Ningxia: Our Region Has Its Own Rules For Sampling Oil Products.

- Oct 16, 2018-

This newspaper news (reporter Yang Chao) October 21, the reporter learned that Ningxia Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection drafted the first local standard "gas station product sampling method", by the Autonomous Region Quality Supervision Bureau officially issued and implemented, filling the region has no relevant standards in the field of circulation of product sampling blank.

According to Lv Xiaodong, head of Ningxia Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, before the oil sampling needs to climb to more than ten meters high oil tank extraction, both dangerous and time-consuming. At the same time, because there are no relevant standards in our region, we can only learn from other provincial standards, and the sampling results of some units can not guarantee the accuracy, which brings difficulties to oil quality and market supervision.

The standard is applicable to the sampling of gasoline and diesel oil from petrol stations. The standard stipulates that the sampled tankers and guns shall be in normal working condition; after unloading, the oil in the tank shall be stationary for more than 60 minutes before sampling; the sample container shall be a clean, dry brown glass bottle or metal cap barrel without foot pads, and the rubber stopper shall not be used, and the gasket used shall be used only once; During transportation and storage, we should prevent sunburn, rain and damp. In addition, gasoline, diesel oil and other products are dangerous chemicals, sampling procedures should be strictly observed to ensure that sampling containers have at least 10% of the expansion of oil-free space; in the atmosphere during electrical interference or hail storms must not be sampled.

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