PCR Laboratory The Regional Instruments Equipped With

- Dec 23, 2016-

1 reagent preparation area: main equipment should be pipette, refrigerators, scales, low speed centrifuge, Vortex mixer, portable UV light and so on. Clean benches can be used for the reagent preparation operation table. 2 sample preparation area, the main equipment should have a biological safety cabinet (preferably for B2 to avoid repetition in the extraction of nucleic acids in Cabinet, between the specimens caused cross-"pollution", false-positive results. Should also be equipped with a pipette, high speed centrifuges (refrigerated and ambient), tabletop low speed centrifuge, constant temperature equipment (dry bath water bath and/or instrument), fridge-freezer, mixer, and removable by UV light and so on. 3 amplification section, the main instrument is a PCR thermal cycler (PCR instrument, real-time or regular). Thermal cycler's power should be reserved, and is equipped with a power supply, or UPS, to prevent voltage fluctuations on the measurement of amplification effects. In addition, in accordance with the needs, and also with pipette, clean bench, and so on.

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