Planning Quality Work With Five Development Ideas To Promote Career Development

- Aug 29, 2018-

What is the relationship between the connotation of the five development concepts and the functions of the quality supervision departments? Qiao Jun said that the proposition of the five major concepts provided a strategic follow-up, goal orientation and realization path for the implementation of the quality power strategy, provided a major historical opportunity for the implementation of the quality power strategy, and put forward a major issue and a realistic choice for the quality supervision departments on how to use quality technology to promote economic and social development. For the purpose of playing a role in the space and stage. At the same time, it also put forward challenges and challenges to the quality and capability of the quality supervision departments. "Learning, thinking, researching and planning, arming the mind, guiding work and promoting development with the five major concepts are the starting point and foothold of the current and future quality supervision work, and the center of gravity and center of all quality supervision work."

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