Product Inspection Strict Quality Control

- Aug 04, 2017-

The role of product testing:

1. check the role of

Check is the most basic function of product testing, also known as quality assurance function. Identification is the "check" the premise, through identification to determine whether the product quality is qualified. Not to identify the product can not determine the quality of the situation, it is difficult to achieve quality "checks." Product Inspection So the authentication function is the basis of the quality inspection function.

2. Preventive effects

Modern product testing is different from the traditional test of the important place, is that modern quality inspection is not simply the role of checks, Product Inspection but also play a preventive role. The preventive effect of the test is mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

(1) through the process capacity of the determination and use of control charts play a preventive role

(2) through the production process in the first inspection and inspection from the preventive role

3. Report the role

The function of the report is the function of information feedback. This is to enable senior managers and relevant quality management departments to grasp the quality of the production process in a timely manner, Product Inspection evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of the quality system. In order to make the right quality decision, to understand the changes in product quality, the test results must be used, Product Inspection in the form of reports, in particular, the calculated indicators, feedback to the management decision-making departments and the relevant management departments in order to make the right judgments and take Effective decision-making measures.

Improve the role

Quality inspection to participate in quality improvement work, is to give full play to the quality of the key and the key role of prevention, Product Inspection but also to participate in the quality of inspection departments to reflect the specific embodiment.

Second, knowledge extension

1. Product inspection:

Quality inspection is an activity that observes, measures, tests, and compares the results with the specified quality requirements to determine whether each quality characteristic is qualified or not.

2. Quality inspection methods can be classified according to different signs.

(1) according to the number of inspection is divided into full inspection; sampling inspection

(2) according to the quality characteristics of the value of the test is divided into; measurement test

(3) according to the test method is divided into physical and chemical testing; Product Inspection sensory testing; biological inspection

(4) According to the integrity of the test object after inspection is divided into destructive testing; non-destructive testing

(5) according to the location of the inspection is divided into fixed inspection; flow inspection

(6) According to the purpose of inspection: production inspection, acceptance inspection, supervision and inspection, verification test, arbitration inspection

(7) according to supply and demand points: first-party inspection, second-party inspection, third-party inspection

Product inspection basis, according to the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law", "People's Republic of industrial production license management regulations", "product quality supervision and spot checks management approach", "industrial products production license management regulations," Product Inspection the development of the Method. Summed up the following several laws.

Product inspection basis:

Article 7 The provincial quality supervision departments shall examine and evaluate the quality of the work of the inspection institution and its related circumstances. The quality of the work of the inspection agency includes sampling, sample management, inspection, inspection results confirmation, objection handling and other aspects.

Other relevant circumstances of the inspection agency include the existence of irregularities in the inspection and licensing work.

Article 8 The General Administration of Quality Supervision and Administration shall formulate the Detailed Rules for the Evaluation of the Quality of Product Inspection Institutions' Work Quality (hereinafter referred to as the "Evaluation Rules").

Article 9 According to the results of the examination, the quality of the work of the inspection agency that takes the inspection and licensing work is divided into four categories: class ⅱ, ⅱ, ⅲ, and iv.

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