Product Testing Is The Key To Good Product Quality

- Jul 01, 2017-

Product inspection refers to the use of a means or method to determine the product of one or more quality characteristics, and then the results of the test with the provisions of the product quality standards to compare, so that the product to make qualified or failed to judge the activities. The specific work of product inspection includes: measurement, comparison, judgment, processing. Product testing is an indispensable task of quality management, which requires enterprises to have three conditions: ⑴ a sufficient number of qualified inspection personnel; ⑵ reliable and perfect means of detection; ⑶ clear and clear test standards.

Product inspection work is the key to good product quality. Enterprises through the production process in all aspects and procedures of the product testing to ensure that substandard raw materials are not put into production; Product Inspection to ensure that the failure of semi-finished products do not flow into the next process; to ensure that the product is not qualified. Product inspection system to test the product timely inspection and feedback to the enterprise for enterprises to solve product quality problems to provide the basis for continuous improvement and improve product quality and improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

Product quality management is the basic means. Product quality is a production enterprise technology and management level of comprehensive reflection; modern enterprises all attach importance to and strengthen quality management. But also continue to improve the quality of consciousness, Product Inspection efforts to change the heavy output, light quality; heavy production, light inspection; emphasis on finished product classification, ignoring the raw materials and production process of semi-finished product testing; heavy research and product development, neglect inspection and quality; Apparent effect, ignoring the physical and chemical properties of the total, the total that the test is for the established results, is the concept of ex post in order to better improve product quality. Product quality is the basis for improving economic efficiency. Product quality to do a good job, the company's sales performance is not necessarily good; but the product quality is not good, companies certainly do not long. For enterprises, Product Inspection all the competitive factors must be firmly attached to the product, only products, is the basis of enterprise marketing and fundamental.

In the production-oriented enterprises, product testing is an objective and important, regardless of the past, present or future, strict product inspection system, strengthen product inspection and quality supervision is to ensure product quality can not be ignored, an important part of indispensable. Enterprise production is a complex process, people, machine, material, law, ring and many other factors may have an impact on the production process changes, the process can not be in an absolutely stable state, requiring 100% of each process is qualified is not It is too possible, so through the quality of checks, pick out the unqualified products to ensure product quality, Product Inspection is absolutely necessary, only through product testing to implement strict checks. Do not qualify the raw materials do not put into production, substandard semi-finished products do not reverse the order, unqualified parts are not assembled, unqualified products can not really guarantee the quality of products. Before a batch of products put into operation, a shift, began processing a number of products, equipment repair or adjustment after the start of production, have to carry out the first test, after the formal batch production, but also regularly or irregularly to produce Of the products to conduct a thorough investigation, found the problem in a timely manner to take measures to prevent the occurrence of nonconforming products. In order to make the leaders at all levels grasp the quality of production in a timely manner, evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of the quality system to make the right quality decision-making, Product Inspection product inspection departments must test results (especially the calculated indicators) with the report form feedback to the higher Leadership and relevant management in order to make the right evaluation and decision making. In the management of the implementation of the design, technology, testing and operation of the staff, engage in quality improvement, speed up the pace of quality improvement, and achieved good quality management effect is very necessary. The operator to do the first piece must be checked, qualified to carry out a large number of processing. Surface quality is the most important, bumps, burrs, finish seemingly no problem is the biggest hidden dangers. With the quality of the product, there will be bright business, hope that each operator together to create a better future, so that our products to the market, Product Inspection so that our business more prosperous.

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