Product Testing Plays A Role In Quality Control

- Jul 25, 2017-

The role of product inspection:

1. Gatekeeper

Check is the most basic function of product inspection, also can be called quality guarantee function. Identification is the premise of "gatekeeper", through the identification to determine whether the quality of products qualified. No identification can not determine the quality of the product status, it is difficult to achieve quality "check." Therefore, the identification function is the basis of the quality inspection functions.

2. Preventive effects

Modern quality inspection distinguishes itself from the traditional test, Product Inspection which is that modern quality inspection is not only the function of checking, but also the role of prevention. The preventive effect of the test is mainly shown in the following two aspects:

(1) Preventive action through the determination of process capability and the use of control chart

(2) Preventive action through the first inspection and inspection in the process production

3. Reporting role

The function of the report is the function of feedback. Product Inspection This is to enable senior managers and relevant quality management departments to grasp the quality of production process in a timely manner, evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the quality system. In order to make the correct quality decision and understand the change of product quality, we must give feedback to the management decision-making department and the relevant management department in the form of report, especially the index of calculation, Product Inspection in order to make correct judgment and take effective decision-making measures.

4. Improved role

Quality inspection participates in the quality improvement work, is the key to give full play to the quality control and the prevention function, Product Inspection also is the inspection Department participates in the Quality management concrete embodiment.

II. Knowledge extension

1. Product Inspection:

Quality inspection is a product or a number of quality characteristics of the observation, measurement, testing, and the results and the required quality requirements to compare, Product Inspection to determine the quality of each of the characteristics of an activity.

2. Quality inspection methods can be classified according to different signs.

(1) to be divided into full inspection according to the quantity of the inspection;

(2) According to the quality characteristic value to divide into the count examination;

(3) According to the technical methods of inspection to be divided into physical and chemical tests;

(4) The integrity of the object is classified as destructive test after inspection; nondestructive testing

(5) To be classified as a fixed test according to the place of inspection; flow inspection

(6) According to the inspection purposes: production inspection, Product Inspection acceptance inspection, supervision and inspection, verification inspection, arbitration inspection

(7) According to the relationship between supply and demand: first-party inspection, second-party inspection, third-party inspection


There are two ways of quality inspection:

1) Full inspection;

2) Sampling inspection.

According to the different characteristics and requirements of the product, Product Inspection quality inspection methods are also different:

1 according to the Order of inspection work, there are pre-test, intermediate inspection and final inspection.

2 according to the inspection site is different, divided into fixed inspection and flow test.

3 According to the preventive test can be divided into the first part of the test and statistical testing.

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