Product Testing To Ensure Product Quality

- Jun 02, 2017-

Product testing is the realization of the product realization of the tangible products and intangible products, through physical, chemical and other scientific and technical means and methods to observe, test, Product Inspection measured after the objective evidence provided to confirm the requirements have been met to meet the identified.

The conduct of an entity or of each of the features, such as measurement, inspection, testing and measurement, and comparing the results to the specified requirements, as well as activities to determine the eligibility of each feature. Experts believe that product testing is one or more of the quality characteristics of the product to observe, measure, test, Product Inspection and the results with the provisions of the quality requirements to determine the quality of each qualifying or not an activity.


According to technical standards, product design, operation (process) procedures or order contracts, technical agreement, the use of appropriate inspection, inspection methods to observe, test, Product Inspection measure the quality characteristics of the product to determine whether the quality of products meet the requirements, Inspection of the authentication function. Identification is the "check" the premise, through identification to determine whether the product quality is qualified. Not to identify the product can not determine the quality of the situation, Product Inspection it is difficult to achieve quality "checks." So the authentication function is the basis of the product inspection function.


Check is the most basic function of product testing, also known as quality assurance function. This function is a product inspection

There is already existed, even if the production of highly automated development of the future, the means of testing and technology development and change, product inspection checks, is still indispensable. The production of enterprises is a complex process, people, machine, material, law, ring (4M1E) and other factors, may make the production state changes, each process can not be in an absolutely stable state, the quality characteristics of the volatility is objective Of the requirements of each process are guaranteed to produce 100% of the qualified products, Product Inspection in fact it is impossible. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to pass the inspection function. With the continuous improvement of production technology and the improvement of management work, can reduce the workload of inspection, but the test is still essential. Only through the inspection, the implementation of strict checks, Product Inspection so that substandard raw materials do not put into production, unqualified semi-finished products do not reverse order, substandard parts are not assembled, unqualified products are not manufactured in order to truly guarantee the quality of the product.

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