Punitive Damages System Plus The Effective Way Of Reputation Mechanism To Purify The Market

- Oct 16, 2018-

Last year, a well-known professional anti-counterfeiter group of consumers, has bought more than 60 "second" counterfeit "fourth" light trucks across the country. Applying the punitive compensation rights of triple compensation granted by the Consumer Protection Law, combining with the Product Quality Law and the Criminal Law, by reporting to the competent authorities and conducting legal proceedings, the light truck market with illegal emissions has been successfully purified, and the "No.2" engine impersonation, which has not been solved by law enforcement departments for many years, has been solved. The problem of violation of laws and regulations of the "Fourth National" motor vehicles has created a record of the highest amount of punitive damages for professional counterfeiters, which has become a typical case of punitive damages in China.

Coincidentally, also last year, a number of consumers jointly purchased a number of illegal and illegal production of three-wheeled motorcycles, through the same way, combined with public opinion supervision, faster to promote the purification of the three-wheeled motorcycle market, the same law enforcement agencies have been unable to solve the long-standing problem of this kind of motorcycle "violation of motor students" The issue of "consistency of production" is illegal.

In this process, consumers get high compensation, illegal enterprises are punished by the competent authorities, and the news media in particular continue to pay attention. Under the pressure of market reputation, the production enterprises withdraw the illegal products.

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