Quality Award Is The Need Of Social Development

- Aug 28, 2018-

What is quality? In Wang Yue's view, quality is an evaluation of the quality of our work and products (including services). But if viewed from a broader perspective, quality is a comprehensive manifestation and characterization of the degree of social civilization. In this sense, quality management, incentives, promotion and punishment are natural things.

"The development of human society is a process from low level to advanced, from simple to complex. Similarly, the development of quality is also a process from low-level to high-level development, from this point of view, the pursuit of high quality is beyond reproach. Wang Yue said that attaching importance to quality is an intrinsic pursuit of human social development, and quality is the embodiment of the degree of social civilization.

Wang Yue quoted Qian Xuesen as saying, "Society is a platform for human survival and development, including many sub-platforms, such as the state." He said that society is an open and complex giant system, its development can not be disorderly, random development, should be orderly, organized and disciplined, managed development. The pursuit of quality development is a natural requirement of human society. It also requires orderly and organized development. It is natural to manage, encourage and punish quality. The purpose is to promote orderly and organized development of quality development. It can be achieved through objective laws and the wishes of most people. These measures and practices are beyond reproach. In Wang Yue's view, just as society needs to follow its own mechanism and laws to develop well, quality development also needs to implement quality incentive system and policies.

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