Quality Comparison Results Of Tableware Detergent Released In Zhejiang

- Sep 28, 2018-

China Quality News Network (Zhang Ru reporter Cao Jigen) recently, Zhejiang Province released the results of quality comparison of dishwashing detergents, 27 enterprises involved in the comparison of products, biodegradability indicators, methanol formaldehyde content and other indicators performed well, some products decontamination indicators need to be further improved.

The Zhejiang Province dishware detergent product quality comparison activities by the Ningbo Quality Inspection Institute environment and chemical products testing center, Ningbo Quality Inspection Institute as a technical institution participated in the whole process of quality comparison technical support. After sampling 37 batches of tableware detergent products produced by 37 enterprises in the province for 5 months, the environmental protection center has selected the products from 27 enterprises which meet the requirements of supervision and inspection in order to evaluate the tableware detergent quality level more accurately and objectively and find out the difference or advantage of the same product quality both inside and outside the province. The total active substance content, detergency, methanol, formaldehyde index and biodegradability index closely related to environmental protection of dishwashing detergent were compared.

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