Quality Development Needs Incentive System

- Aug 28, 2018-

Magnolia blossoms and peach blossoms are showy, and the whole campus is bathed in a beautiful spring light. On March 25, when a reporter from China Quality News arrived at Beijing Polytechnic University at the appointed time, Wang Yue, Vice Chairman of the Second China Quality Award Selection and Recognition Committee, academician of both academies and former president of Beijing Polytechnic University, had already been waiting in his office, just as conscientiously as he had been studying.

As the vice chairman of the second China Quality Award and the chairman of the first China Quality Award Selection Committee, Wang Yue naturally has an authoritative voice and unique opinions on China Quality Award, the highest honor in China's quality field.

In an interview of more than one hour, Wang Yue not only talked about his understanding of the quality and quality award system, but also analyzed the characteristics of the Chinese quality award and the differences between the first selection. He also faced the hot issues in the society and responded to the different voices of the society in the evaluation of the Chinese quality award.

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