Quality Evaluation Is A Dynamic Development Process

- Aug 28, 2018-

"Quality is a reflection of the degree of civilization in a society, and it is also associated with many other factors, such as brand. At present, our country attaches great importance to the quality brand, as far as I personally understand, this is an important part of our country to achieve better and more civilized development. Wang Yue said, for quality, there must be criteria for evaluation. There must be rules for everything, and standards are the criteria of quality.

What are the criteria? Wang Yue's answer is: we should make constant feedback research based on people's cognition and practice. In other words, this criterion is not absolute, but a process of dynamic development and continuous improvement. "With the development of society, the quality standards of products and services are constantly developing, standards are constantly adjusting, so as to play a very good role in ensuring and promoting quality. Only when the criteria are dynamic can they adapt to objective changes and meet the requirements of quality assessment. He said.

Since social norms are dynamic, then the criterion of quality, the criterion, will not be absolute and invariable. Wang Yue said that the dynamic and relative quality evaluation criteria, it is important to constantly strive to improve, toward an ideal, more scientific state. On the one hand, the evaluation indicators should be as scientific and fair as possible, not to waste time and energy, but too tedious. On the other hand, the evaluation criteria should be constantly improved, trying to be realistic and good, and striving to do better.

For an 84-year-old scientist who has dealt with science and technology for a lifetime, Wang Yue naturally knows that science is never accomplished overnight and unchanged, but needs to dialectically understand and constantly discover. Similarly, the scientificity of quality evaluation will not remain unchanged, but with the development of society, economy, science and technology and quality level, with the deepening of people's understanding and change, in order to build a truly scientific and reasonable quality award evaluation standards and systems.

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