Quality Improvement For Special Purpose Vehicle

- Aug 29, 2018-

Strict factory supervision and inspection is the most important technical support to ensure the quality and safety of special purpose vehicle. Before 2014, there were a number of provincial special equipment inspection institutions in Suzhou city. In order to compete for market share, coupled with the lack of supervision of these inspection institutions, some inspection institutions are willing to relax the standard requirements for the issue of false inspection reports, and some even buy and sell inspection certificates, resulting in the factory supervision and inspection of nothing, unqualified special automobiles take the opportunity to enter the market.

After rectification and elimination, Hubei Special Inspection Office emerged as the only factory supervision and inspection institution of Suizhou Special Auto. In order to do a good job of technical support to ensure product quality, the Institute breaks the convention, draws technical backbone from the headquarters, establishes three inspection rooms for dangerous chemical tank trucks in Suizhou Branch, specially serving the dangerous chemical tank truck manufacturers in this city, from product design to process assessment, from welding to assembly and acceptance, and integrates supervision in service. The whole process of intervention, all-around service, devotion and full scope control.

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