Recognize Third-party Inspection And Testing Agencies

- Aug 15, 2018-

Third-party inspection and testing organizations, also known as fair inspections, refer to an object outside two interconnected entities. We call it a third party. A third party can be associated with two entities, or it can be independent of two entities, and it is a third party that is outside the interests of buying and selling. The fair and authoritative non-participants who are certified by the relevant state administrative agencies. Third-party inspection and test reports are issued according to the inspections of goods conducted by relevant laws, standards or contracts.

The start time of third-party inspection and inspection agencies in Europe and the United States was in the 15th century, from AD 1400 to AD 1499. Among the most influential events during this period was the transatlantic voyage of the Italian Columbus in 1492, which discovered the New World, the Americas. At that time, China was in the Ming Dynasty. The involvement of mature third-party inspection and testing agencies in European countries and the United States in commodity inspections has been common in the mid-nineteenth century (circa 1840–1860) and has led to a conscious business practice.

China's inspection market can be divided into government inspections, third-party inspections and internal inspections based on the nature of participants. The development of government inspections and third-party inspections has gradually evolved with the promulgation and implementation of various policies. The development of internal inspections of enterprises is synchronized with the development of various production companies.


The starting time of China's third-party inspection agencies is after 2000. The opening time of China's testing market to third-party independent testing agencies is as follows:




After   the founding of New China in 1949

The   industry

China's   government has detected the development first, and the state-owned testing   agency is responsible for all commodity inspections.

In   2003

The   industry

Inspection   industry is open to private third-party testing agencies

In   2005

The   industry

The   testing industry is completely open to foreign independent third-party   testing agencies

In   2010

Food   products

The   Eleventh National People's Congress Standing Committee requested relevant   departments and units to follow the national food safety rectification work   arrangement, which emphasized the need to speed up the advancement of   inspection and inspection resources and information sharing, and actively   promote the construction of third-party technical institutions.

June   2012


The   Ministry of Railways issued a new "Measures for the Administration of   Railway Product Certification". The certification of railway products no   longer has to be carried out by the China Railway Certification Center.   Instead, it shall be changed to "Conformity assessment of whether the   relevant railway products conform to standards and technical specifications   by a certification body with legal qualifications. activity". The   supervision department for certification work was changed to the National   Certification and Accreditation Regulatory Commission, and it will be   implemented from July 2012.

August   2013

Environmental   protection

The   Environmental Protection Agency of Zhejiang Province issued the   "Opinions on Promoting the Marketization of Environmental Testing"   and proposed nine items of market-based mission testing services.

September   2013

Medical   treatment

The   "Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Development of   the Health Service Industry" proposes to vigorously develop third-party   services. Guide the development of professional medical examination centers   and imaging centers. Support the development of third-party medical service   evaluations, health management service evaluations, and health market   research and consulting services. Treat social forces fairly and provide food   and drug testing services.

September   2013


The   State Council approved the “Overall Plan for the China (Shanghai) Free Trade   Pilot Zone” and called for promoting the transformation of the mode of trade   development, encouraging the establishment of third-party inspection and   appraisal agencies, and adopting its test results in accordance with   international standards.


September   2013


The   Ministry of Commerce, etc. issued the "Circular on Implementation of the   Policy Opinions on Supporting Cross-border E-Commerce Retail Export",   which clearly requires the implementation of centralized reporting and   centralized handling of relevant inspection and quarantine procedures. After   the new inspection and supervision model is established, the e-commerce   export enterprises and their products will be subject to inspection and   quarantine filing or access management, and third-party inspection and   certification organizations will be used to conduct conformity assessment of   product quality and safety.

March   2014


The   Central Commissioner and the General Administration of Quality Supervision,   Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on   the Integration of Inspection, Inspection, and Certification   Organizations" agreed by the State Council, indicating that the   situation of inspection and inspection industries monopolized by state-owned   organizations will change, and the third party testing market will expand in   different forms ( Enterprises no longer rely on government agencies' testing   agencies and can find third-party testing agencies; government agencies can   purchase services from third-party testing agencies and expand the scale   through outsourcing.


China's third-party testing started late and is currently in a period of rapid development. Various third-party inspection and testing institutions have risen rapidly. With flexible operating mechanisms, localized market strategies, and strong expansion capabilities, the market share of private inspection agencies continues to rise, while the market share of state-owned inspection agencies and foreign-invested inspection agencies is declining.

Due to differences in local policies, the time for third-party inspections and inspections to be open throughout the country varies. Third-party occupational health inspections in Sichuan Province were opened in 2008. Third-party environmental inspections were opened in 2009, and third-party public health inspections were opened in 2012. Our company was established in July 2013 and is a third-party public health inspection agency established earlier in Sichuan Provinc

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